Complete Vehicle Protection

Complete Inside / Out Protection for your Beauty or Beast

Our complete protection package is designed to present your vehicle in absolute flawless condition, protecting and enhancing every surface, including exterior paint protection, interior fabric and leather protection, plastic trim protection and ceramic window tinting.

Protect your car with Perth’s finest.

Here at Beauty & Beast we only use the finest, most advanced coatings, boasting hyper levels of candy like gloss, with the ability to self heal.

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Inclusions for each package



Paint Protection Options

PX10 is designed for substrate preservation with increased surface hardness, with unbelievable levels of gloss and water beading properties. PX10 helps strengthen your paint and reduces the likelihood of inducing scratches in your paint.


TITAN is our revolutionary hybrid coating. 

Titan Hyper-Quartz adds protection as a standalone coating or can be layered to provide enhanced protection. This coating provides you with a mirror like appearance, extreme hyper-gloss.


Zeus is our Trophy coating and is one of the most advanced coatings on the market.

Zeus is our elite coating & suitable for all types of paint systems. Zeus is designed to emphasise pearls and metallic fleck, while providing a warm candy like appearance.


VULCAN TX155 is our revolutionary rubber membrane hybrid coating providing permanent adhesion to your paint, hydrophobicity and chemical resistance.

Vulcan TX155 creates a flexible rubber like membrane when fully cured. It is an ultra-durable, chemical resistant coating, provides an ultra-slick surface and is ultra-resilient to water spotting/stains. We believe it is the pinnacle of paint protection boasting self-levelling abilities, activated by heat. 


Interior Protection

Our interior protection is an ultra-durable, chemically bonding system, designed for all types of natural, synthetic and vegan materials. Our advanced fluorochemical polymer solution allows Nano particles to penetrate deep into fibres and pores. Provides extreme protection against water and oil-based stains and spills.

Window Tinting

Darkest Legal Ceramic Window Film applied to all interior glass, except the windshield and sunroof. Passengers and interiors are protected from 99% of UV rays, and vehicle cabin comfort is enhanced with outstanding heat and infrared rejection.

Add on Options

Wheel Face Coating

Entire Wheel & Caliper

Glass Coating










Wheel Protection

Pyro is our state-of-the-art, Extreme performance series perhydropolysilazane coating containing Nano grade titanium. Its thin film strength/density helps it withstand abrasion and temperatures up to 1500°c. The treated surface provides hyper slickness and repels everything.

Pyro is suitable for those looking to protect assets with the thinnest and hardest possible coating without continuous reinvestment in non-professional grade offerings.

Glass protection

HYPERGLASS is our revolutionary hybrid windscreen coating containing 3 types of suspended nanoparticles of the highest quality.

Being part of our Extreme Performance Series – HYPERGLASS is an ultra-durable, chemical resistant coating- it provides an ultra-slick low surface energy with low draining angle.

Treated windscreens are hydrophobized, non-stick and provide enhanced clarity and vision


What our clients say

Our greatest advocates are our many happy clients. Thrilled with the transformation that we’ve performed on their beauty or beast, they quickly refer and recommend friends, family and networks. If you’re in any doubt about us being the best, don’t take our word for it. Check out the multitude of 5-star reviews, that happy clients have written.

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Protect your car with Perth's finest

Here at Beauty & Beast we only use the finest, most advanced coatings, boasting hyper levels of candy like gloss, with the ability to self heal.

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