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Here at Beauty & Beast, we’re trained in the application of both Titan Coatings and GTechniq Coatings, allowing you as the consumer, the decision on which coating you would prefer applied to your Beauty or Beast.

Gtechniq Entry Level Coatings From $600

Titan Coatings – Paint Protection with self healing abilities

Titan coatings & Gtechniq Coatings for all vehicles

Here at Beauty & Beast we’re trained and certified in both the application of Titan Coatings and GTechniq Coatings. 

What that means for you is, we can offer more comprehensive protection by having a wider selection of certified products that accomplish specific exterior vehicle protection goals.

Let’s explore the two brands.

TITAN COATINGS. Self Healing Properties of PPF at a fraction of the price.

We understand the wearing Perth conditions your vehicle is exposed to. That’s why we use leading technology in paint protection coatings from Titan Coatings. 

Unlike commonly used ceramic coatings, this hybrid, rubberised membrane coating not only protects your paint but also has self-healing abilities. 

What you will experience is either a single-layered or multi-layered system that, not only protects your vehicle for years, but boasts unbelievable levels of gloss and depth, traditional ceramic coatings can not offer, along with some self-healing properties, similar to Paint Protection Films (PPF) at a fraction of the cost.

GTECHNIQ COATINGS. Traditional Ceramic Coatings focusing on gloss and lasting protection.

If you have a limited budget and do not have the time to continually wax, but want your vehicle protected from the elements, then our entry level paint protection packages are for you.  

When you have any of the GTechniq packages applied to your vehicle here at Beauty & Beast, what you will experience is a coating that hardens on the surface of your paint, forming a chemically hard bond, lasting years.

GTechniq Crystal Serum Light and Crystal Serum Ultra are leaders ceramic coatings and offer extreme gloss with unbelievable levels of slickness to your paint.

Not sure what level of protection your car needs?

Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today for a free inspection, quote, or even just some trusted advice.


What Our Clients say...

We love seeing our client’s reactions when they collect their newly protected vehicle, to find it looks better than new, or like they never thought they’d see it look ever again. – This is what drives us.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. It’s that simple!

We are passionate business owner-operators, proud in maintaining our reputation for consistently delivering an outstanding overall service around Perth. We care for your car as if it were our own. As a result of our dedication, we have received over 300 5-Star Google reviews in the past 4 years.


Benefits of Vehicle Protection

A professional product applied by meticulous applicators leaves you with that ‘New Car’ look long term.

Scratch Resistant

Formulated with military grade technology, our coatings provide increased surface strength and self-healing abilities.


Paint protection that pushes away light swirls to maintain its detailed finish. For the more stubborn abrasions that would otherwise leave your vehicle looking imperfect, you are now able to correct by applying heat.


All the right ingredients to protect your asset from WA’s harsh conditions and maintain that flawless finish without the need for regular applications. Our product range offers 3-year, 5-year, 8-year and permanent tested durability ranges.

Chemical Resistant

Protection that resist chemicals often found on the roads surface or in the atmosphere that would typically strip waxes, sealants and other paint protection products from your vehicle.   

Enhanced Appearance

Titan Coatings formulations increase the depth and clarity of your vehicle paint by enhancing its reflective properties (Suitable for all vehicle paint systems). Spend years enjoying the ‘new look’ finish of your car with a superior protective coating.


Your car will look better for longer utilising omniphobic technology that repels unwanted dirt and water. No need to spend precious time cleaning and waxing your vehicle with expensive inferior products, only to repeat the process every few months. One coat of Titan coatings and you are set for years to come. 


Leading technology.
Elite Protection.
Showroom finish.

Unlike commonly used ceramic coatings, our revolutionary coating system produced by Titan Coatings uses superior technology, which not only looks sensational but also ensures your car care routine is made easier, faster and cheaper. There’s NO better way to protect your beauty or beast.


Discover our VEHICLE PROTECTION Packages

Whether you’re booking in your used car or driving directly from the dealership to our workshop – we have packages that suit your needs.

Not sure what level of protection your car needs?

Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today for a free inspection, quote, or even just some trusted advice.

Trust your car with Perth’s finest.

We care for your car as if it were our own, only using a range of superior professional grade products and expert application techniques.

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