Keep your glass sparkling with elite protection from just $220

Protecting your exterior glass surfaces from water and dirt goes a long way in maintaining the overall appearance and condition of your vehicle, whilst keeping your safe in poor weather conditions making your less reliant on your wipers

WANT TO Keep your glass cleaner for longer?

Trust your glass with Perth's trusted protection specialists.


state-of-the-art exterior windscreen & glass coating for ultimate protection.

Don’t you just hate a dirty windscreen, making visibility a challenge and driving in wet weather dangerous?

Our elite exterior glass coating will keep your glass surfaces cleaner for longer and make your less reliant on your windscreen wipers as water simply beads off.



Repel everything from water to dirt.

Being part of our Extreme Performance Series – HYPERGLASS is an ultra-durable, chemical resistant coating- it provides an ultra-slick low surface energy with low draining angle.

Treated windscreens are hydrophobized, non-stick and provide enhanced clarity and vision.


What Our Clients say...

We love seeing our client’s reactions when they collect their newly protected vehicle, to find it looks better than new, or like they never thought they’d see it look ever again. – This is what drives us.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. It’s that simple!

We are passionate business owner-operators, proud in maintaining our reputation for consistently delivering an outstanding overall service around Perth. We care for your car as if it were our own. As a result of our dedication, we have received over 160 5-Start Google reviews within 2 years.


vehicle protection packages

Whether you’re booking in your used car or driving directly from the dealership to our workshop – we have packages that suit your needs.

Not sure what level of protection your car needs?

Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today for a free inspection, quote, or even just some trusted advice.

Trust your car with Perth’s finest.

We care for your car as if it were our own, only using a range of superior professional grade products and expert application techniques.

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