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Perth Paint Protection For Fiat 128

Protect Your Fiat 128 Both INSIDE AND OUT.

Our Perth protection specialists ensure that
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Perth Paint Protection for Fiat 128

What does paint protection do for your Perth Fiat 128?

Prevent your Fiat 128’s paint from WA’s harsh UV light with our high-quality protective coats. Entrust your Perth car with our protection specialists and keep your car looking like new.


We are trusted and trained by leading coating manufacturers in vehicle paint protection.


We exclusively use cutting-edge vehicle paint protection best suited to WA’s harsh climate.


As owner-operators, it’s more than a business, this is our passion and it shows.

What is paint protection for Fiat 128?

Paint protection is the application of wax, sealant, ceramic coating or protective film to cars paintwork. This protective layer should be applied by a professional who will:

  • Clean the paint;
  • Decontaminate the car surface
  • Polish the paint;
  • Finally applying the protective layer.

Keep your Fiat 128 looking newer and shiner with our paint protection.

We understand the harsh WA conditions that cause vehicle paint to deteriorate

We exclusively use market leading formulations best suited to the WA lifestyle and wearing conditions.

We are trusted and trained by leading coating manufacturers


What Our Clients say...

We love seeing our client’s reactions when they collect their newly protected vehicle, to find it looks better than new, or like they never thought they’d see it look ever again. – This is what drives us.

Vehicle Protection

No matter what the type of vehicle you drive, we can protect

Each of our paint protection packages are tailored to best protect your Fiat 128. With a wide range of different services we protect all different types of vehicles.


Our professional team has extensive experience on all things car protection. They are always happy to provide advice on what the best products and services would be for your vehicle.


Fiat 128 interior Protection

Is your vehicle's interior getting damaged by spills, stains or general wear and tear?

There’s nothing worse than getting into your car and helplessly watching it wear out day by day. From usage and storage, the various materials inside your car can crack, fade and become discoloured.

Our team will slow down or even prevent interior damage preserving the look and feel of your Fiat 128’s  interior surfaces.

As with the exterior of your vehicle, the interior also faces a harsh environment in the form of heat, friction and chemicals/stains and can be protected to avoid premature damage.

Contact us today to book your Fiat 128 in and protect your car’s interior before it’s too late.

  • Solvent Based
  • Chemically Bonds
  • Superior water repellent
  • Does not alter feel or texture
  • Durability: Up to 60 months

Paint Protection Film

Do you want to ensure that your Fiat 128'a Paint is protected? Protection Film is "An Investment for your cars future"

The use of Paint Protection Film was previously only seen on exotic cars but has seen much more mainstream use in recent years. This form of protection is very effective against chips and light scratches on the paint work.

We are passionate business owners who take pride in our craft. Whether you’re wanting to protect your beloved beast or driving directly from the dealership to us with your new beauty – we have packages to suit all vehicle and owner needs.

  • computer cut, template install
  • completely Transparent (Invisible)
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • ultimate in paint protection
  • Prevent Stone Chips and Light Scratches





Ultra-durable, glossy, chemically bonding ceramic coating.

Car $1,990

SUV $2,090

Large $2,290



Increases surface strength, scratch and chemical resistant.

Car $2,100

SUV $2,200

Large $2,450



Reflective warm candy like gloss, emphasises pearls and metallics.

Car $2,300

SUV $2,400

Large $2,650



Self-healing, constantly repels water, dirt & chemicals.

Car $3,300

SUV $3,400

Large $3,650

Protect Your Fiat 128

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We are passionate business owner-operators, proud in maintaining our reputation for consistently delivering an outstanding overall service around Perth. We care for your car as if it were our own. As a result of our dedication, we have received over 300 5-Star Google reviews in the past 4 years.


vehicle protection packages

Whether you’re booking in your used car or driving directly from the dealership to our workshop – we have packages that suit your needs.

Not sure what level of protection your car needs?

Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today for a free inspection, quote, or even just some trusted advice.

Trust your car with Perth’s finest.

We care for your car as if it were our own, only using a range of superior professional grade products and expert application techniques.

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